India's most advanced exterior painting system that gives your home 'Ultimate Protection' along with unmatched beauty.

Textured finish for exteriors imported from Italy. It replicates rustic Italian exteriors, offering a subtle, sophisticated finish

Water-based, modified acrylic, exterior wall finish with silicon additives. Available with improved anti-algal properties

Modified acrylic, water-based exterior product specially designed as intermediate coating. It facilitates excellent adhesion of subsequent coats.

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Water-based exterior wall finish with silicon additives suitable for dry to moderately humid climatic conditions.

Water-based high performance coating for roof tiles, Kerala bricks and non-porous baked clay tiles.


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Demystify home decor. Fill the canvas of your home, and create your own masterpiece.

Interior water based clear coat, which when applied on a wall painted with Royale or Premium Emulsion, creates a subtle sparkly appearance on the wall without changing the colour of the wall.

Water based special effect paints that adorn your walls with the spirit of the season.

Provide a rich matte finish to the walls, and also help in hiding surface undulations.

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Gives a smooth finish to the wall. A smart choice if you have been previously using distemper.

Water-based interior wall paint, which gives the walls a delightful smooth matt finish that lasts for ages


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Water-based, medium-gloss, low VOC enamel. Fast drying, low odour and high stain resistance combined with non-yellowing properties, thus ensuring ‘fresh-as-new’ surfaces for a long time.

Solvent-based all-surface enamel that offers a finish akin to the soft, rich sheen of a satin fabric. It gives excellent, long lasting protection and strong anti-fungal resistance.

Solvent-based all-surface enamel that imparts a shiny new look to your surfaces and forms a tough, highly washable and stain resistant film that lasts long.

Affordable solvent-based enamel for all surfaces that gives long-lasting gloss along with good overall protection and washability.

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Our wood finishing products are perfect for creating beautifully finished furniture and floors, and for restoring old pieces. They act like a finishing crown that enhances the beauty of wooden furniture by blending out blemishes and scratches. Browse through our range of wood finishes to find the right product for your new and touch up jobs.


Wide range of Clear, Opaque & Water based finishes, providing new décor possibilities... more






Protect your exterior furniture with a range of Clear, opaque and water based finishes.... more





Ultra Luxury Italian Range of Décor Idea for Wood..... more








Expert Home Solutions for your Waterproofing Needs

Polymer modified, flexible cementatious waterproof coating. A single pack high performance cementatious product formulated with elastic waterproofing polymers, nano technology based additives and crystalline technology.

Fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid applied water proofing membrane. Formulated with select elastomeric, resilient acrylic polymers and reinforcing polyester fibers. Upon curing, it forms a thick, seamless, durable membrane thus offering ultimate waterproofing.

Ready to use fiber glass reinforced crack filling compound for both interior and exterior surfaces. It ensures unmatched crack bridging ability for plaster cracks of up to 3 mm.

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Acrylic emulsion based plastic elastic sealant for sealing masonry joints that can be top coated with a water-based paint. The product after evaporation forms a soft plastic elastic rubber and is applicable on interiors and exteriors.

Durable and odourless neutral silicone sealant for sealing of glass, building and sanitary joints. UnyverSeal is a non acetoxy elastic sealant based on high quality polysiloxanes which cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable seal.

Integral liquid waterproofing compound with advanced formulation and superior plasticizing additives for cement concrete, mortar and plasters. Formulated with selected surface active plasticizing agents, chemicals & additives which make the cement concrete/ plaster mix cohesive and upon curing, reduces water permeability.

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The right painting tool is more important than you realise.

Combined with the best paint, it not only helps create the perfect wall but also reduces painting time by up to 50%!



The Inspiration Wall

Explore an amazing variety of room sets, colour combinations and decor inspirations.

Snap It

Discover the closest Asian Paints shade code of the images you snap from the Internet or upload on your 'Inspiration Wall'.

IDEAS Engine

Explore unique décor ideas from our experts and share your ideas with others too!

Guide Books

Painting books to guide you on the process, colour combinations and product selection.

Colour Spectra

See the entire range of colours, shades, and effects, we offer.

Colour Next

ColourNext15 is our 12th year of an annual series of colour forecasts. It contains yet again a spellbinding array of colours curated by design experts across the land.

4 Pics

A virtual preview of what your site can look like after painting.

Screen Test

The screentest is an online tool for interior and exterior painting projects.

Colour Chef

Experiment before you implement! Choose from a wide range of shades and textures through Colour Chef and virtually paint walls to arrive at your customised colour scheme with ease.

Project Planner

Plan out your painting project from start to finish.

Paint Budget Calculator

Calculate the cost of painting any surface in easy steps



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